Screenr use becomes more versatile

Screenr use becomes more versatile

I could easily bet my lunch money (and win big) that I am not the first person who fell in love with (or, perhaps to stay off extremes, at least felt like giving Articulate a BIG hug for) Screenr.  What more could you possibly want? 5-min screen capture without the need to install anything which is integrated with your Twitter account so your helpful tips or at least genuine enthusiasm for something is broadcast to the world, too.

I know, I know, perhaps some people who have dodgy office machines like mine, where Java has a mind of its own, will turn around and … blow raspberries or something 😉 I, for one, was equally frustrated when I discovered that and after 3 unsuccessful tries, I just did it from another machine (but may I say that these 3 rehearsals actually helped me get it almost right and most importantly, shut up at 4’59” 🙂

Suchadrag's Screenr contributions

So if you’re reading this and still haven’t clicked on the Screenr link, I will most certainly strike you from my Christmas card list 😉 Seriously now, it’s simply too good to miss if you are passionate about course design and e-learning. Only.

Or so I thought until very recently. Not only has Screenr been used to get super cool tips from amazing designers, practitioners and enthusiasts to the likes of me, but now it seems that it’s become a vehicle for tutors to give more meaningful feedback to their students by creating 5-minute movies in which they elaborate on the written comments they have made on the written papers. How cool is that??? VERY!

I was going to give you people a link, too, but I didn’t want to help/add to the debate: Should students’ names and work be accessible online? I must admit I personally am a bit fickle: sometimes I think Nay (influenced by the old school chatter about sensitivity, privacy, etc.), sometimes I think Aye (if students know about it, don’t mind and appreciate being able to show a portfolio of progress; if the technology available to tutors in some colleges doesn’t allow them to provide this very useful feedback in a more firewalled fashion, I’d happily trade some hasty written corrections which only I see for fuller audio and video explanations which the world will have access to; though I reckon making an anagram of students’ names to conceal identity would go a long way to calm the voices against such practices).

Oh, and last before I run off, for the lovers of Jing,  Wink and other free screen capture software out there, while this software is clearly very cool, in some cases has more functionality, and I certainly applaud its writers making versions available for free, I think it’s very neat that Screenr works without an install and with a 5-minute limit (I for one know a couple of people that could talk … and talk … and t… snore.. 🙂