Ever lost your eInstruction PPT e-voting Add-In? Get it back now #uoltech #edtech

Ever lost your eInstruction PPT e-voting Add-In? Get it back now #uoltech #edtech

OK, folks, so here is the quick deal: the eInstruction Response e-voting software we’ve been using for the last few years at the University of Leeds behaves itself the vast majority of times (mind you, we’ve been sticking with version 5.2 as it simply works on our network; it must be said that there was a time when we were up for trying out every single software update thinking it would be better, and they weren’t really…).

Anyway, back to the task in hand: once you’ve installed Response, you go into its menu and click on “Register PowerPoint Add-In” and the next time you open PowerPoint you’ll see the helpful e-voting toolbar in the Add-Ins area. But what if that doesn’t happen? How do you install it manually?

When I was asked this by a colleague today I admitted I had no idea, but I’d expect to find out quickly searching the web. Well, I didn’t, so this is for those in my situation (I’m sure the documentation exists somewhere; it’s just not where I could get to it today when I needed it…)

These are the instructions for restoring the Response e-voting PowerPoint Add-In in Office 2007.
1. Open the PowerPoint Ribbon (round button at the top left) and select the PowerPoint Options button at the bottom of the menu.
2. A new window opens. Click on Add-Ins in the left pane
3. At the bottom of the window, select COM Add-ins from the Manage: drop-down menu, then click on the Go button
4. A new window opens. Click on the Add… button
5. Browse to your Response install directory (on my machine, it is C:Program FileseInstructionResponse)
6. Select PRSAddIn.dll and click OK.
7. You will be taken back to the COM Add-Ins window. Click OK.
8. The Response toolbar should be visible now in PowerPoint.

Hope this helps and happy e-voting 🙂