My latest video editing fun #uoltech #edtech

My latest video editing fun #uoltech #edtech

One of the main reasons I LOVE working at Leeds is the enthusiasm of some of my colleagues. Lots of people give up their time generously and put together very cool events. One such event was the Effective Feedback Week which took place mid-December. My colleague Karen invited 3 very cool speakers to talk about their exciting projects which dealt with multimedia feedback. Very cool stuff!

We filmed it for posterity, too (decent quality – if a bit on the dark side – from a Canon FS100 camcorder and pretty good sound from a HAMA RMV-02 external mic), and needed to turn it quickly into something reasonably appealing (by that I mean 2 days, really…)

Initially I started playing with Adobe Premiere CS4 because of its amazing functionality, but I soon gave up – kept freezing on my 32-bit Win 7 with i3 processor (I am aware of the requirement for 64-bit OS, but it used to be ok a little while ago…).

Enter Sony Vegas Studio Platinum, a little bit of software sent from heaven :). Never complaining, didn’t crash, did what it was asked to and reasonably quickly, too (rendered 1h-videos in about 2h30′ with other stuff going on around it at the same time and with the process at Normal priority). My only complaint is that it didn’t allow for more than 3 video tracks at the same time (didn’t seem to care too much about the number of audio ones), so I had to do things differently… I read on the blogs that only the Pro version allows for unlimited video tracks (I must say that, when buying it a couple of years back, it didn’t cross my mind that Platinum would be inferior to Pro – but it may be just my lack of knowledge of precious metals…) 😉

Would you like to check out the result? The local online video hosting service has cut down the quality quite a lot, but you can still get an idea of the video that’s coming out. There is a taster video on the main page of the Leeds Building Capacity (LBC) Project and then, for the actual talks, look for the AFAL, ASEL and ASSET projects. Click on the screenshot below to go to the LBC website:

Effective feedback week

Click on this image to go to the Leeds Building Capacity homepage